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ADHD Testing

There is no one simple test that will determine a diagnosis of ADHD. Rather a series of complimentary assessments and information gathering tools must be used in order for an accurate diagnosis to be obtained.

Consented Case Example 9yo Boy-page-001.

Qb Check

This research backed, FDA approved digital system, provides a computer based program, that takes your child through various activities. During which time, we track physical and facial movements, along with reaction times, processing speed, and cognitive ability to provide a detailed report compered to normative percentiles. This provides a good foundation of evidence upon which to build an accurate diagnosis.

School Application

Questionnaires & Observations

In addition to the Qb check, a series of questionnaires for the parents and main teacher will be conducted. This is to ascertain the presence of key symptoms across people and places. In certain cases, an actual subjective observation will need to be carried out at school, to observe your child in comparison to their peers. This is not necessarily the case for every child but can be a useful tool when trying to establish meaningful context.

ADHD Diagnosis: Activities
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