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ADHD Treatment Options

ADHD Treatment: About Us
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Cognitive Training Program

Cognizium is an exclusive program to Hopetree Clinic. The program consists of two key components in-centre 1:1 training and a supervised digital program. Each activity is specifically designed to work on, and develop a key learning ares such as memory, processing speed, problem solving, and attention. The pace and difficulty of the program is determined by the child's ability and the combination of positive behaviour support strategies and focused skill training, makes this program an excellent choice for parents looking for an impactful program.

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ARASMAP stands for Anxiety Reduction and Self-Management Assistance Program, and is another unique program to Hopetree Clinic. Anxiety is synonymous with ADHD, and so providing the necessary tools for your child to cope with the inevitable anxiety spikes they will experience is extremely important. The ARASMAP training first provides insight into the physiology of anxiety itself so you and your child understand how it effects the body and the subsequent physical markers to look out for when anxiety is rising. The training then looks at the thought processes happening during anxiety spikes as well unhelpful thinking styles that may exacerbate that thought process. Data is collected throughout the training so you and your child can clearly see the progress you are making.

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Academic Support

It is common for children with ADHD to have on-going challenges at school, so making sure the school environment is stable is an important step. Having an academic support specialist that also understands the challenges of ADHD creates a different learning environment for your child. We often see negative associations being built between children with ADHD and traditional schooling due to the daily failures and negative feedback they receive. As a long term goal, we want to change that perception of education your child is building by providing supportive, positive and tailored help for your child.


For older children, we also offer a chance for them to understand their ADHD, and subsequently themselves better. The training course goes through the symptoms of ADHD and how they effect real life scenarios. This training comprises of topics such as what ADHD actually is, dealing with extreme emotions, improving external and internal focus, identifying unhealthy habits, and improving home and school life. Towards the end of the training we also incorporate family training, so that the whole family unit has a chance to experience the catharsis that comes with personal growth and understanding.

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Parent Training

The home life of an ADHD family can often present unique challenges. That is why we offer tailored parent training to provide parents with a foundation of behavioural training that will stabilise the home. This training covers dealing with problem behaviour, identifying functions of behaviour, creating token economy systems, understanding the complex emotional processes within their child, and identifying addictive behaviours that may occur during teenage years.

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Family Therapy

The final component of many programs is family therapy. Provided in person or remotely, this platform gives the family a chance hear each other's stories in a compassionate and inclusive environment. Typically, this comprises of only one or two sessions per month, but can be a powerful cohesive agent, bringing all programs together.

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